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Snow Cone Systems set up for Hotel and Resort locations

Perfect For Guests

Hotels and resorts are vacation destinations for thousands of families every year. Our Create-a-Cone system is the preferred shaved ice choice of amusement parks across the country, so make sure your guests have even more fun in the sun with delicious, frozen treats!

Our unique Create-a-Cone dispensing systems allow for fun, creative shaved ice products that’ll help cool guests in the hot summer months. We even offer specialty adult beverages! Don’t worry about any hectic installations, we custom fit every aspect of your equipment to ensure a seamless integration into your facilities so that you can take your accommodations to the next level!

Key benefits include:

  • Rotomolded systems for the highest quality equipment
  • Named International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Best New Product
  • Bag-in-Box  syrups allow for less mess, no measuring and easier operation
  • Extensive selection of shaved ice syrups, smoothie bases, frozen lemonade and specialty adult beverages
  • All syrups made with 100% cane sugar and cold filtered water

Interested in offering delicious shaved ice creations your guests will love? Fill out this form to find out more on how our shaved ice systems can help put you ahead of the competition—and be sure to ask how you can get our equipment FREE!

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