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Custom Locations

We've got you covered - from concept to completion!
Market Concept to Completion

Custom Designed Systems

We can design systems to be operated by your staff to serve your customers or they can be set up for maximum Guest Interaction allowing your customer to dispense their own syrup atop their Shaved Ice Masterpiece. All of our Syrups are made with Cold Filtered Water and 100% Pure Cane Sugar.

As the Industry Leader in Shaved Ice Bag-In-Box Dispensing Systems, We will design a program to custom cater to your needs. In most cases, Syrup Systems will provide all necessary equipment to your park at No Charge.

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Bag-in-Box Distribution System

No more measuring, mixing, or sticky messes; SSI’s Bag-In-Box (BIB) System is easy, all you have to do is hook up the boxes the same way you do your soft drinks and you can dispense up to 12 flavors of syrup from a single bar gun. Syrup System’s Bag-In-Box distribution system will increase your total revenue while reducing labor cost.