Snowshakes & Smoothie Base


Our premium Snowshake & Smoothie Base Syrups are the icing on the cake! They enhance natural fruit flavors and produce an incredibly refreshing dessert. Great pool side or relaxing on the beach. Create a drink that your guests will never forget! Call for special drink recipes using Syrup Systems, Inc.’s syrup bases!

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No more measuring, mixing, or sticky messes; SSI’s Bag-In-Box (BIB) System is easy, all you have to do is hook up the boxes the same way you do soft drinks and you can dispense up to 12 flavors of syrup from a single bar gun or as many flavors as you like with our Create a Cone system.

Freshest Taste: Because Syrup Systems, Inc. (SSI)’s syrups are packaged in air tight bags immediately after mixing, this provides you with the freshest product ever.

No Waste: Depending on the system you choose, either electric or CO2, our pumps pull every ounce of product from the bags and because no air or light comes in contact with our mix, there is virtually no spoilage.

Shelf Life: As opposed to the conventional form of syrup storage, the high tech BIB method yields a shelf life of up to 10 times longer.


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