SnowMax Ice Shaver

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SnowMax is the Most Powerful Ice Shaver on the Market.  Weighing in at 200 pounds it is the most Durable Ice Shaver in the World.  Until the Introduction of the SnowMax, Amusement Parks and High Volume Venues were Limited to using a Traditional Snowcone Machine which delivered a coarse textured ice snowcone.  Now, they can offer guest a Premium Shaved Ice product that will satisfy the most discriminating palate.  Equipped with a 1 ½ HP Direct Drive Motor, the SnowMax can Shave over 3,000 lbs. an hour.

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  • 1 ½ Hp Single Phase Motor
  • 110/220 volt
  • 14.0/7.0 amp
  • 28 ½ Length
  • 21  Depth
  • 40 ½ High
  • 200 lbs.  Weight